Npower Stipends payment is currently on going as Many Beneficiaries receives alert

Npower Stipends payment is currently on going as Many Beneficiaries receives alert It’s currently raining alerts as many npower beneficiaries have received alert for June stipends, as we predicted we told Npower beneficiaries that they will get paid before this week runs out, and true to our word it’s already happening.

those of you who are yet to be paid should please exercise some patience, the delay could e from your bank or the irregularities in your bank account, or many of you are being owed many months of backlogs, do not worry before the end of this post you will learn how to solve npower payment backlog issues so that you can get paid like others.

About 5 million people applied for npower batch c recruitment, npower batch c recruitment cbt test timetable will soon be release, so i will advise all the applicants to prepare very well for this, because the next on npower batch c recruitment is selection.

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How to solve your npower backlog payment issues 2020 guidelines very effective

Some of the volunteers are owed backlog, this may be as a result of wrong Bank details or false information from some of the beneficiaries to know more about what your stipends is yet to be paid to you kindly log on to your npower  profile on your NPVN website  dashboard to see if all the details is entered correctly most importantly bank account and BVN  to know if their matched with what you gave out during your registration. in order to resolve the payment issues please login and make the necessary corrections and if you have made all the necessary corrections and  you still not able to get paid please follow steps below.

I will strongly advise you to request the approval or the help of Npower Scheme Support Team systems, by Kindly paying a close attention to the following below help guidelines for your own good in resolving the problem.

  1. First Login HERE
  2. Scan and upload Appointment Letter
  3. Upload Place of Primary Assignment name
  4. Scan and upload Bank account statement from the period you were not paid.

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You can go straight to npower headquarter of Npower Programme or search for Npower Team support  online contact for a directive, or for faster response or solution leave a comment below i will resolve the issues for you as soon as possible, all you need do is drop your problem/issues you are facing through the comment box and wait for my response thank you stay happy safe and blessed.

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Npower Stipends payment is currently on going as Many Beneficiaries receives alert

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  1. Oladele Adeola Adijat

    Kindly note that my issue is on my backlog since March till date and am not happy with it batch b in zamfara

  2. I have not be paid stipend from the month of March to this month of August.
    Please I’m urging the npvn team to help in resolving this nail biting circumstance.

  3. Garba Abdullahi Haruna

    I have not been receiving my stipends since March till date.

  4. Umekwudo Emeka Eric

    Boss I haven’t received my stipends since march till now and all my details are right no mistakes at all I don’t know what to be done about this again, please sir help me out am begging

  5. Okey stipend continue for those have link to N-power???

  6. It’s both of Batch A and B are paying today.
    Thank you

  7. I just want to ask weather it’s both batch A and B are being paying today.

  8. Good day,please I have not been paid since June last year,I have tried all methods to get to d npower team as i was ill since then no payment,I complained less than 45 days yeti was wrongfully exited.I was mistakenly paid in April and my account was blocked for that, even the school is aware and have been trying to help out,swing my state and pregnancy yet ,please wat can u do about this? Pls

  9. Will they continue paying till the end of the year?

  10. Pls what of July stipend cos as it’s we’re all suffering from covidhunger please

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